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Tips on How to Effectively Work From Home

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Making the change to work from home can be difficult. With so many distractions and not having any coworkers by you, working can be a different experience. Here are a few of our top ways we like to stay focused and productive throughout the day. Try them out and see if any of them help you stay on top of work.

Invest in a Quality Workspace
There will be days when you work from home and feel slow and can’t focus. One way to help combat that is by setting up a true working space so you can maintain that sense of being in a professional office setting. Pick an isolated spot in your apartment and put together a desk and chair comfortable enough for you to work at. Having a workspace at home is going to help motivate you to keep working and fine tune your thoughts.

Stay Hydrated
Need a reason to take more breaks? Take more water breaks! Working can be exhausting and with all the distractions of work and others around you, it’s important to remember to keep yourself hydrated. Clear your mind every time you go to refill your cup and constantly drink water to keep your brain functioning.

Working With Pets
Remember that when you work at home with pets, they are adjusting to your presence as well. It can be difficult to organize your day’s productivity when a pet is constantly drawing your attention. Tire them out in the morning after a run so they can take naps in the day, allowing you to take any important calls and meetings. Then when you also need a break, recharge yourself with a bit of play time with your furry friend. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your pets if you can figure out a good schedule!

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