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Best Steps To Avoid Clogging Toilets

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Living at an apartment is very comfortable until there’s an emergency maintenance issue. Our team at the Retreat at Mesa Hills is equipped to help you solve your requests, but emergencies can’t wait for anyone. We’ve put together some of our best tips on best practices to avoid clogging toilets and other alternatives to help you prevent any emergencies!


Keep The Lid Down

If your sink has several items placed on the counter top, there is a chance your items might get knocked into the toilet. Implementing the practice of putting down the toilet lid can help prevent any items from falling into the water. Sometimes this can happen by accident and if you don’t notice and flush the toilet, the item can cause a blockage. 

Clean Regularly

Keep your toilet clean and spot any leaks your toilet may have by sticking to a frequent cleaning schedule. Using a colored toilet cleaner can help identify any leaks as the color drains away. Leaks can cause excess water usage and sometimes a continuous sound that can be unpleasant so it is important to fix any leaks as soon as possible.


A Plunger Alternative

The simplest at-home remedy for a clogged toilet is only two steps. First, pour some dish soap into the toilet and let it settle in. Then, add in the hot, but not boiling water. Try to avoid boiling water as it might cause cracks in the porcelain. Once you let the hot water sit in the toilet for a while, flush the toilet and hopefully, the water will drain!

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